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  • Can I get these prints in another base?
    Yes! We offer over 25 different fabric bases (local and import) that we can custome print on for you! Simply email with your request. To view our current available fabric bases, please visit: Local Bases: Import Bases: Please bear in mind that there is a turnaround time of up to 10 business days for custom printing on local bases and 6-8 weeks on import bases.
  • Where can I see all your digital file options?
    We have a few options: 1. Our website has thousands of options, including our SA Showcase Designers that offer a range of unique and exciting designs: 2. Our Facebook Group Albums: 3. Shutterstock (you send us the image code and for a small additional fee of R 40 per image, we can download it for you). 4. Etsy - is a great source for images, but you will need to check with us that its the correct format for printing and holds the correct types of licences. Etsy image and licence costs are covered by the customer. 5. Custom Designs - if you want something unique, we can connect you with a designer to custom make your design for you. They will charge you directly for this service.
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